Storsthlm is a forum for regional development and cooperation

Storsthlm is a non-profit organisation formed by the 26 municipalities of Greater Stockholm. By drawing on each other’s experiences, co-ordinating initiatives and developing together, we are an arena for municipal development. Together we aim to be Europe’s most attractive metropolitan area.

Our purpose

Greater Stockholm is expanding with an increasing number of residents and companies. On behalf of the municipal management in the areas of politics and public administration, Storsthlm drives regional development and co-operation. The aim is to increase opportunities for the municipalities to achieve their welfare and service goals for their citizens. We strive to:

  • Create knowledge about our region through studies and analyses.
  • Manage processes for regional development and welfare development.
  • Protect the municipalities’ interests and work with other players on regional issues.
  • Administer agreements and similar collaborations.

Greater Stockholm shall be Europe’s most attractive metropolitan area

The point of departure for the areas and assignments prioritised by Storsthlm is the vision set out in the Regional Development Plan, which states that Greater Stockholm shall be Europe’s most attractive metropolitan area. We aim to achieve this by being:

  • An open, accessible region.
  • A leading growth region.
  • A region with a good living environment.
  • A resource-efficient region.

To achieve this vision, Storsthlm manages projects and stimulates collaboration for efficient, sustainably financed welfare services of high quality. We also deal with assignments that affect the municipalities joint operations and responsibilities. The goal is to contribute to Greater Stockholm’s overall development, where the total is greater than the sum of the individual changes in each municipality.

When citizens mobility is improved by allowing open application to all of the region’s upper secondary schools, for example, or when cycle paths are connected across municipal boundaries, the entire region becomes more attractive to residents and businesses alike. The development of public services also contributes to achieving Greater Stockholm’s shared goals.

Storsthlm works in three strategic goal areas:

  • Education & Labour
  • Welfare & Health Development
  • Urban Development & Environment

We also work with three prerequisites that especially affect the development of municipal activities. These prerequisites characterize the work and collaboration within Storsthlm's all focus areas:

  • Municipal Economy
  • Digitalisation
  • Municipal Competence

Welfare & Health Development

Greater Stockholm’s residents are growing healthier and living longer, which places increasing demands on assistance and services to suit individuals in every stage of life. The municipalities and the County Council work together via various joint bodies. This is essential in ensuring good care as the people of Greater Stockholm cross the boundaries between areas of public service responsibility on a daily basis.

Storsthlm is a strong regional player that supports local collaboration structures, and develops and administers several agreements with the County Council. We work in the following areas: children and young people, individuals and families, disabilities, the elderly, mobility services, collaboration with Stockholm County Council, and e-health.

Education and labour

High-quality education builds a strong labour market. Greater Stockholm has the most dynamic, knowledge-intensive labour market in Sweden. It boasts low unemployment and is dominated by the service sector and high qualification requirements. The ability of residents to work and support themselves is the foundation for tax revenue and good public services. However, large differences between different groups' opportunities to support themselves risk impeding expansion in the entire region.

Storsthlm is an arena for education and labour market issues in Greater Stockholm. We work in the following areas: a single upper secondary school region, university and research issues in education, adult education, and structural funds in Greater Stockholm.

Urban Development & Environment

It is essential to the development of Greater Stockholm that it is an attractive place to live and work. The physical environment is of strategic importance to human health and the region’s growth. The environment needs to be continuously improved with infrastructure for efficient transport, a reliable water supply and good access to facilities. Areas and facilities for relaxation, leisure and culture are important. Digital development and competence supply also have a major impact on the municipalities success in this area.

Storsthlm plays a central role in collaboration and development to make Greater Stockholm an even more attractive place to live and work. We work in the following areas: infrastructure and housing, environment, energy and climate, municipal technical infrastructure, and culture and leisure.


Digitalisation is an engine for growth and innovation in Greater Stockholm. Our region is at the forefront of the e-society. However, the public sector is lagging behind other sectors, slipping further and further down the international ranking of digital development. There are also major differences between municipalities, and between different areas of public service.

Storsthlm is a strategic partner for more cohesive service between municipalities, county councils, national authorities and the private sector. Together with the County Council and County Administrative Board, we support the government’s goal of Sweden being the best in the world at taking advantage of the opportunities that digitalisation presents. We have therefore formulated a regional digital agenda. Storsthlm works in the fields of health and care to improve and streamline public services. We also work in the area of conditions for e-administration.

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